Laser Eye Surgery Cost in Savannah


LASIK laser eye surgery is a major corrective surgery treatment sweeping the Savannah Georgia and surrounding areas that allow you to see perfectly from either eye without glasses. Used to treat nearsightedness, farsightedness, and various forms of astigmatism, the procedure itself usually starts at $299 per eye, but your specific cost is determined after a full examination by a doctor. Cost should be no factor when deciding to improve your eyes; if you choose to get LASIK to correct or enhance your vision, it is important to know what contributes to the overall cost of the surgery.

One of the biggest contributing factors to the cost of laser eye surgery in Savannah is the type of LASIK your ophthalmologist performs. Specialists often use a wavefront or an all-laser approach to correcting your vision. Wavefront LASIK eye surgery, also known as custom LASIK, has the highest customization ability of any laser technology available, using a three-dimensional measurement to see how your eye processes to light, allowing your ophthalmologist to reshape the eye accurately. This process allows you to improve your vision beyond what you have ever experienced.

An all-laser approach, also known as bladeless LASIK, uses a gentler laser to form the precise flap needed for the corneal adjustment. For either type of LASIK, your doctor must determine which is best for your particular correction. However, the types of LASIK you receive contributes to the cost based on the hours needed for the procedure, the equipment usage, and the fees of the specialist performing the surgery.

The best step you can take to getting an accurate estimate of LASIK charges is to speak with your ophthalmologist’s office and have an exam. I chose to see Dr. Miller at the Georgia Eye Institiute’s surgery center in Savannah, Georgia and I could not be happier with my experience.  Through this preliminary exam, your potential surgeon will get an accurate report of your vision in each eye. Once the surgeon knows the severity of your vision impairment, they can determine what time and procedures are best suited for you.

Prices vary per procedure, with multiple factors contributing to the overall cost. Many advertisements in magazine publications or television commercials offer these procedures starting at $299, but you must consult with an ophthalmologist for an accurate estimate. The billing office of the ophthalmologist can give you an itemized list of all the factors to the cost.

Even if the ophthalmologist’s office may quote you the total cost of the procedure, you may be entitled to discounts or other coverage through your vision insurance provider. Many vision insurance providers offer certain discounts for individuals who need LASIK or other eye surgery. Individuals with minor corrections often have fewer fees because of using less time and technology to achieve the desired results.

Procedures that are more complicated may incur higher fees because of the customization required for treatment. If the cost is still too high after these discounts, speak with the billing specialist at your ophthalmologist’s office for additional financing options. Perfect vision should always be within reach for patients who need it. Make an appointment to see what your doctor can do, so you can put away your glasses and enjoy better eyesight.